The Harrison Homestead

I sure have fallen in love with photographing on this new property of ours that we have lovingly named “The Harrison Homestead”.:)It provides me with access to the river, wildflower fields, wooded areas, and of course, beautiful barn backdrops! In fact, next spring, we will begin renovating one of the beautiful barns, transforming it into my forever studio. The possibilities are endless, and there is no doubt in my mind that God plopped this property in our laps for this very reason. Lots of wonderful, exciting, and beautiful things in store…




July 27, 2017 - 8:35 pm

Julie Roberts - Love to see all your pics, especially of little Stella Louie and Rider.

That Dimple

I had the pleasure of photographing this little guy at his newborn milestone and then again at his one year milestone. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly these little ones grow! Taylor (yes, we share a name!) has such a sweet and smiley personality… which is great because he has the BEST dimple.:)

I included a few sneak peeks from his one year session and also a few from his newborn session. Enjoy!







Aren’t you glad a photo never grows up? 😉


Two Little Girls

Two little girls. Growing safely inside of me. A treasure I have yet to wrap my mind around… a blessing that is just beginning…

I do not know why I was chosen for such a privilege, but I am grateful every moment of every day for it, and them, and God, and the most incredible of guardian angels.

Just embarking on the second trimester with my darling girls…

Mama loves you dearly and endlessly and everything in between.bloggirls 14 wks