Reminders For Parents

– Make sure well-fed and well-rested kiddos are brought to the session.  It truly is the most important thing that your day is planned around the session.  Make sure that we schedule the session at a time that doesn’t interfere with naptime for little ones. And by all means, please feel free to bring along snacks!

– Get in close. For family portraits, you should always be touching.  Wrap your arms around one another or hold hands.  Your family’s love for each other will clearly show if you get in close for your photographs.

– Don’t “say cheese”. My job is to capture your child’s personality and REAL smile- not the huge fake cheesy smile. So, please try to avoid telling your child to “say cheese” during our session!

– Allow me to interact one-on-one with your child.  I may need to spend a little time getting to know your child and making him/her comfortable.  It’s important that your child is comfortable with me since we want the photos to show their personality.

– Allow me some space.  If you have an older toddler or elementary children, hang back a bit.  Sometimes, children act up for attention when parents are nearby, but they wouldn’t misbehave with a stranger (ever wonder why they are such angels at school?)

– Go with the flow. If your child is anywhere from 12 months to 3 years old, expect the session to go as they plan.  The best thing to do at this age to to see where he/she wants to play, sit, or stand, and follow him/her there.

– Don’t prep your child too much.  Talking about the session to your child for days before the session only raises the stress level for your kiddo.  It’s better to just let your child become comfortable with the session at the session.  We want their personality to shine through with each shot I take!

– Be yourselves. The best family photos are the those in which the family looks happy and connected.  So, keep the stress level down, enjoy yourself, and have fun with your kids.  If those three things are accomplished, then I will be sure to capture your family being YOUR FAMILY.  After all, that’s what you want to remember in twenty years, right?