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That Dimple

I had the pleasure of photographing this little guy at his newborn milestone and then again at his one year milestone.View full post »

Atleigh {newborn}

I loved working with this precious little lady and her sweet parents! They came in yesterday for their orderingView full post »

July Special!

A special offering for the month of July…View full post »

Little Lady {newborn}

This precious babe was such a little lady for her first photo session. She slept like a dream and was such a pleasure toView full post »

Meeting Cecilia

There’s a sign in Cecilia’s nursery that says, “once you have love you have everything”. Well, IView full post »

Finals-Induced Dramatic Post

Yes… yes… this is the week when I become known as “miss drama”. (Totally just made that up. NoView full post »

It’s October!

October is here!  It’s actually surreal to me.  I remember last Fall as if it were yesterday.  Last year seemsView full post »

Newborn Session Video

Let me start by telling you how blessed I am.  I meet tiny people.  I hold them.  I snuggle them.  I love them. AndView full post »

Behind The Scenes

You know, I really love what I do. Every aspect of it, actually. With so much pride, I get to create memories.  I getView full post »

Annabelle {9 days old}

Doesn’t she have the sweetest name?  Lovely Annabelle was just a dream to photograph. She slept wonderfully andView full post »


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”- Leonardo da Vinci I am really loving the new turn my businessView full post »


Usually change terrifies me… but in this case, I’m all smiles. I can’t wait for my 2013 Taylor ElchertView full post »

Wesley Carter {11 days new}

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing such a sweet teeny tiny person. He captured my heart with his daintyView full post »

Daddy’s Boy

I just had to share these few images of Eli and his firefighter daddy. They tug at my heart.   Smiles and lots ofView full post »

Jordan {5 days new}

I dream of the day when I get to roll out of bed every day and do this.  Somedays, it feels like I’ll never getView full post »